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Intelligent Lighting for Luxury Homes

Lutron Lighting Control
Certified Lutron Homeworks Installer Algarve

Lutron QS Homeworks is probably the best lighting control system available on the market. Lutron are an extremely well known brand in the market. QS Homeworks is highly reliable, highly flexible, highly styled switches, and has an eight year limited warranty. 

Having used other brands over the years, we now only sell Lutron Product for the simple reason that IT WORKS and is extremely well supported by the manufacturer. It is a product that you will use on a daily basis and not wonder 'Will it work today?', it just does!

We are a Certified Lutron Installer and Dealer, based in the Algarve, and we maintain and install Lutron Lighting and Lutron Shading systems throughout Portugal.

Lutron Homeworks is able to control pretty much all of the dimming types available on the market today and with todays energy costs, a large house  - even with LED lighting - can give you a considerable electricity bill. Adding occupancy sensors, good lighting programming, and use of timeclocks to automate daily tasks activating only when required will help reduce your usage and, thus, your bills. This especially applies to pumps, motors, & electric heating of any kind. Have Air conditioning and/or underfloor heating? we can also integrate it to bring it under Lutron control and minimise use when the property is not occupied.

Lighting Control Keypads come in many shapes, sizes, number of buttons and architectural finishes.

Certified Lutron Dealer | Algarve | Home Automation | Lutron Installer
Certified Lutron Dealer | Algarve | Home Automation | Lutron Installer
Certified Lutron Dealer | Algarve | Home Automation | Lutron Installer

Any button on any lighting keypad can be programmed to control any lighting circuit, or any group of circuits, on the Lutron System.

What happens when you press a button can be made to change, depending on the time of day or on specific days, if required, or can simply set a group of lights to a specific level. Hidden features can be added also, which can be triggered by holding buttons for specific time lengths or quickly double tapping buttons.

Timeclocks can be set up to control functions that happen every day, to happen automatically. For example, your outside lights can be programmed so that they relate to sunset and sunrise times(on at Sunset and off at Sunrise). The system recalculates the sunrise and sunset times every day, based on your location, so that your timer doesn't need to be changed throughout the year - unlike a manual timer.

Items such as Water features can be programmed to start at fixed times and also can be conditional of you being at home if required.

The possibilities, due to the flexibility of the programming environment, are endless.

Our approach is simplicity. We  make layouts and functions of the buttons consistent throughout the property. This makes it extremely easy to remember what happens in each room, the button engraving does assist with this. However, being able to walk into a room and just click the right button without thinking is better. Whilst we are engineering based, we understand how to build systems for non technical people.

Have an older Lutron system and would like to upgrade to have new features? 


It is possible, in most circumstances, to upgrade the front end of the system whilst maintaining most of your original dimming equipment(Subject to survey) - Call us to enquire

We provide systems for new build and refurbishments, working in partnership with house builders and Interior Design companies or direct to end user. We also can provide packages that allow electrical contractors to provide QS Homeworks on their projects.

We also provide maintenance and reprogramming services for existing Lutron systems or systems that are incomplete.

Interested? CALL US!

Lutron Shading Systems

Automated Window treatments that shape the daylight in any room, with simple elegance.

Certified Lutron Shades installers Algarve

Lutron Shading systems(also know as Window Treatments) are the most flexible, reliable, and fashionable automated shading system available today. There are multiple options for types of blind (roller shades, Venetian blinds, traditional drapery tracks, Kirbé Vertical Drapery System, tensioned shades, horizontal sheer blinds and Roman shades) and also Drapery tracks. All of which integrated seemlessly with Lutron QS/QSX systems and can operate as independent systems. Shading systems are available as Wired and Battery powered. 

There is a massive choice of fabrics, from blackout to varying degrees of translucency, to ensure that you can get the result for your luxury space that you are looking to achieve. Fabric choice is obviously very important and there is a fantastic resource available at the website, which allows you to filter fabrics based of shade type and fabric collections.

Selecting the correct fabric can assist with reduction in energy usage and also helps preserve furnishings/flooring by reducing the effect of sun bleaching. When installed with a QS/QSX Homeworks system, shades can be scheduled to auomatically open or close at specific times or based on certain events.

We are a Lutron Certified Dealer and Lutron Certified Installer. This ensures that you get an 8 year limited warranty when we install and commission your system.

lutron shades installer |  lutron palladiom | Lutron installer quinta do lago | lutron installer vale do lobo

Sivoia QS Shading systems

The Sivoia QS range has both wired, & wireless shades and are ideal for planned full refurbishment or new build areas, where it is possible to get wiring to to the desired location. The Wireless QS shades require a power supply to the shade motor, the control is wireless.

Palladiom Shading Systems

Palladiom is the premium range of shading. It has premium fabrics, with brackets and hembars to perfectly match the range of Palladiom keypads. With Palladiom, everything is crafted beatifully to be 'on show'. Add to this the quietness of the drive motors, hembar alignment and elegant fabrics; it makes for a compelling solution for beautiful spaces.

Lutron Palladiom Blinds
Lutron Palladiom installer
Lutron Palladiom Shades Installer | Algarve
Lutron blinds | Lutron Palladiom | Certified Lutron installer

Palladiom Wire-Free Shading Systems

The Palladiom Wire-Free Blinds System offers both simple, wire-free installation and precise automated control of daylight in Lutron's most refined aesthetic. Extend the ultimate in design flexibility to every room in every home - for both existing homes and new construction. The  System runs on 'Active Energy Optimization', a battery management architecture designed to optimize the efficiency of traditional alkaline batteries to extend battery lifetime. This blind uses no more than six D-cell batteries, while still maintaining an industry-leading battery life of three to five years using fewer batteries.

With the release of Palladiom Wire-Free shades, retro fitting blinds is no longer a compromise.

Lutron palladiom wire free blinds | Certified Lutron Installer
Certified Lutron Installer | Lutron Palladiom Wire-Free shades

More information is available on Lutron's Website by clicking HERE

There is also some more information about Palladiom Wire-Free Shades in our blog. You can get a quick link to it HERE

Intelligent Hembar Alignment


This is a very important feature of Lutron's shading product. With most blinds, there are differences between individual motor speeds. Most shading systems are also not able to command the shades to lower or raise to a specific level, it is simply done by telling the shade to lower or raise for a specific amount of time. Due to this fact,this generally leads to an uneven level over multiple blinds.

Lutron shades use a systems know as Intelligent Hembar Alignment to combat this problem.

For a group of Lutron shades, the system monitors and adjusts the shade motorspeeds to ensure that they lower at the same speed and finish at the same point at the same time. This is particularly impressive as usually, over time, motors change their characteristics and this feature is able to combat this problem.

The result of using a preset to a fixed level is shown in the video below. All of the Hembars align perfectly and in the video of one of our installations below, shows the effect of good setup.

8 Year Limited Warranty

Lutron Shade motors have an 8 year Limited Warranty. If the product fails during normal use and the installation/commissioning has been done by an official Lutron Shades qualified dealer, the following product warranty will apply *

0 - 5 Years                           100% Covered

5 - 8 Years                            50%  Covered

8 Years +                                0% Covered

*subject to Lutron terms and conditions

Home Automation


Domotica em Casa | Home Automation
AMX Domotica | Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
AMX Domotica | Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
AMX Domotica | Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
AMX Domotica | Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal


Control systems are installed in residences to take away the requirement for the user to have deep technical knowledge, whilst being able to operate systems for the whole property/or individual rooms from one place, usually by the use of a touch screen.

Created an inspirations space? Why not add integrated Music and/or  a hidden TV to have the function without destroying the look. All of these can be controlled/activated by a  touch screen which has a simplified interface with buttons that, with a single press, may do one thing or multiple actions. Systems such as this are described as 'Smart Home' systems, but they are only 'Smart' if they actually reduce complication, remove repeated daily tasks that would normally be done manually, warn you of faults or faults that could be about to occur.

Most "so called" smart systems are simply a set of Apps that have no relation to eachother and do not interact, usually on an Apple or Android device.

A True Smart home (also known as Domotica/automação) allows products to work together to provide combined functions or 'event triggers', this is where one event sets off multiple actions in multiple devices. However, simplicity is the key. If the user cannot use it, what is the point?

Ever tried using your underfloor heating thermostat? Usually you have to get the manual out just to change the temperature. Using touch screen control, you can adjust any room in the home or all together from one place. When you set your alarm to AWAY, the underfloor heating is set to fall back automatically. Making everyday functions simple and quick is the whole essence of installing control systems. 

Here are some examples of what you would see on one of our touch screens:

Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal
Home Automation Algarve | Domotica Portugal

Touch screen systems can control Thermostats/Alarms/CCTV/TV's/Satellite & Cable boxes/Music/Video servers/Projectors/Intercoms....the list goes on. Simply put, the touch screen should give you simple access to everything around you.

The above screen shots are from our main control system type, manufactured by AMX. We also have an offering from Savant. These two systems are very different in how they are programmed and to some degree, the flexibility.

AMX can be programmed to do pretty much anything required, however you would like it to operate - We write our own software and device drivers, so if its possible - we can do whatever you wish. Savant, to a degree, is partially pre-programmed by the manufacturer and your system has to be built around its capability library. For non-custom systems, Savant is a fabulous solution. We are a Certified Savant & AMX Dealer.

If you're not sure which would be best, ask us. We are happy to guide you in the right direction. Touchscreen control is not for everyone, but it does make day to day running of larger properties much easier and much simpler for people who have no interest in the technicalities of how things work - they just want them to work.

Do you have an existing AMX system that requires updates or reprogramming? We can help! 

Have another manufacturers control system that doesn't work or out of date? We can give you update options, whilst still using most of your existing equipment (if it is still operating)

Call us!

Security Systems


2N Access Control | Home Security Algarve | Home Automation Portugal | Domotica
2N Access Control | Home Security Portugal | Home Automation Algarve| Domotica
Hikvision CCTV | Home Security Algarve | Domotica
Satel Intruder alarms | Home security Algarve
Hikvision CCTV | Home Security Algarve | Domotica
2N Access Control | Home Security | Home Automation | Domotica
2N Access Control | Home Security | Home Automation | Domotica

Home security is an important part of modern life. However, ideally the creation of a secure home does not turn it into a fortress. It has to maintain privacy and allow normal daily living but still be secure.

CCTV is obviously an important part of a security system. Cameras with current technology are able to supply good quality images in low light and are also able to detect, and alert, human size objects that move in selected areas of view. This is a property call 'Analytics' - where the camera can process images to pick out size, direction and/or features. Effectively, this allows you to create a secure perimeter around your property that can alert BEFORE anyone gets to your residence. These alerts can be picked up by your automation system, triggering outside lights or an alert to central monitoring, or alarm system.

The images below show the 'active' area with a green line. If anything moves within that area during times when the system is 'armed', an alert will be created.

CCTV Algarve | Home Security Portugal |  Alarm Systems Algarve
CCTV Installer Algarve | Analytics | Hikvision

Your first line of security is your property fenceline and gate. The CCTV can cover your fence lines and a secure intercom should be used to both control your gate and allow you to choose who you allow access to your property.

Intercoms have both voice and camera capability, to allow you to see and speak to whoever is at the gate. There should also be another form of access for trusted people/contractors, such as a numeric keypad or ability to use a fob/card. Any external gates/doors can also be protected using access code units that, again, can be accessed using numeric codes/fobs/cards for trusted people & family.

To add to this, further control can be achieved by restricting code access to specific days and hours.

We use 2N as our chosen intercom/access control equipment. It is one of the most flexible systems on the market, allowing access by Fobs/Cards/Bluetooth/Keycode/Fingerprint if required. On larger systems, access controls can be changed using their 'Access Commander' which allows the whole system to be controlled from one place.

2N systems can also be easily integrated in to home automation systems, such as AMX and Savant, to provide quick access when you are at home.

The internal line of security is your intruder alarm. We have two offerings, ELK (American brand) and Satel (Polish brand). Both can offer 128+ zones of protection and we can provide movement(PIR), smoke stection, glass break, magnetic contacts, flood detection, and gas detection as part of your system.

This is what can be achieved using a Home Automation system with an alarm system:

Alarm installers Algarve | Home Security Portugal |  Alarm Systems Algarve
Alarm systems algarve | Home security Algarve | Home security Portugal
Home Security Algarve |  Alarm  Home automation | Home Security Portugal

Of course, it is not a necessity to use an Automation system, but navigating through this is much simpler and informative than using an Alarm keypad.

Have a security/Access control that doesn't work or need to install or plan one? Call Us!

Networks & WiFi


Home Networks Algarve | Networks installer
Home Networks Algarve | Networks installer
Home Networks Algarve | Networks installer
Home Networks Algarve | Networks installer

WiFi is now part of everyday life and we all consider it a 'given' that WiFi will be available.

However, extending WiFi in larger properties is sometimes a challenge. Using great quality equipment is one part of the solution, but also understanding what the homeowner uses their network for, is also very important.

There may also be a requirement for a wired network for higher speeds and perhaps for security. 

The equipment chosen must have the ability to transfer as much of the bandwidth, provided by your internet provider, through to your WiFi connected devices. Many cheap routers and WiFi devices on the market are not capable of this and provide either low speeds (compared with that supplied) or sporadic, rather than continuous speeds. If you watch Internet TV or other streaming services, this can affect viewing or quality of image.

In many properties that we visit, we find that the Wireless Network is actually made up of multiple inividual WiFi points that are actually all different single networks. We use products that provide the ability to create one single network that will allow your devices to 'roam' throughout your property without losing connection. This means that your device(Mobile/Tablet) will effectively 'hop' to the next available WiFi point when it detects that there is better throughput/signal strength available(providing your mobile device is capable of doing this).

As with everything, quality of product makes the difference.

Audio & Video


Cinema Installation  Algarve


Over the past few years, the event of audio streaming has made installation of audio systems much more straight forward for both complex and simple systems. There has been many more 'consumer' systems that customers can simply buy for themselves, connect to the internet and control from their mobile device. Systems such as Bose and Sonos, provide  such systems. Properties with a few of these devices tend to work 'out of the box'. However, bigger systems require networking considerations to work correctly.

These systems, however, do not play well with many home automation systems because manufacturers do not take them into consideration. However, if you want control of your music system with your home automation system, there are solutions such as Autonomic music players.

As with music, video streaming has also rocketed in popularity. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and iPlayer have made access to content extremely simple. Should you want 'offline' content, such as the high spec Kaleidescape video server, cable TV boxes, Apple TV, DVD Players etc.. these can be distributed to every TV in your home in full 4K resolution across standard networking cable (CAT6), with or without a home automation system.

We have solutions for Displays (Projectors, TV's), distribution (audio and video) and cinema systems. Anything from kids playrooms, outside audio, family rooms to fully automated cinemas. We have multiple price levels of speakers, ceiling & wall speakers, hidden speakers (that can be plastered in), garden speakers and multiple brands/levels of amplifiers.


We also have solutions for Cinemas. Wall treatments  to improve sound quality by reducing sound reflections, Cinema seating, Cinema sound systems & projection, Cinema screens. Cinemas, as a rule, require building work and therefore planning as there are many elements to ensure a good finish. Such works involve Joinery, Electrical, lighting design, HVAC, Acoustic design and interior design. All need to be coordinated to g et a good final result.

VRFB Battery
Lutron Palladiom Shading
Vanadium for VRFB Battery
Underfloor heating control by AMX
Smart Home
CCTV Movement detection
CCTV Movement detection
CCTV MOvement Detection
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